Delaware CarePlan was established to partner with parents and guardians of special needs children and adults.

We work with families to ensure that their loved ones can continue to lead a safe and meaningful life.

By developing a personalized CarePlan and establishing a special needs trust, DCP provides that peace of mind for a fulfilling future where their loved one is taken care of without becoming ineligible for crucial government benefits such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income.

Why Enroll in Our Program?



DCP will work with your family to set up a trust fund that will provide for necessary goods and services that are not typically supported by federal and state programs. However, it is important to use funds that will not affect your loved ones’ governmental benefits. Participants in our program remain eligible by law for necessary government programs such as Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid.



The most significant benefit of our program is that it permits the pooling of funds for investment purposes. This helps families of moderate means access funds and programs that were previously out of their reach. Most financial institutions require a minimum deposit of $250,000 for trust services. By utilizing DCP, families can establish and fund trusts with only $5,000 or more. While these assets are pooled to maximize investments, your specific funds are still earmarked for your loved one.

Peace Of Mind


Working with DCP is a collaborative effort. We will work together with you to address your individual needs and create a comprehensive, individualized care plan that guides how the trust funds will benefit your loved one’s enhanced quality of life. As your family’s needs change, the personal care plan will be updated. If the time comes when no family members are available to oversee the care of your loved one, DCP ensures that their needs are met.

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