We can't take the place of family, but we can support families when they need it most.

Let Delaware CarePlan help you plan for your loved one's future and provide a lifelong support system.

Open their options ... open their lives.

Why Enroll in Our Program?



By law, participants in our program remain eligible for government programs such as Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, and other means-tested benefits. A special needs trust is set up to provide for goods and services that are not typically supported by federal and state programs.



A significant benefit of the program is that it permits the pooling of funds for investment purposes. Until recently, setting up a trust for a family member with a disability has been out of reach for families of moderate means. The program allows families to fund a trust with $5,000 or more. Most financial institutions require a minimum deposit of $500,000 for trust services. Delaware CarePlan provides an opportunity for families to pool assets to maximize investments, while still maintaining separate accounts for the specific individual with a disability.

Peace Of Mind


Delaware CarePlan offers flexibility in addressing the needs of each individual. Families work with a Delaware CarePlan professional to create a comprehensive, individualized care plan that guides how the trust fund will benefit your loved one’s quality of life. As your family member’s interests and needs change, the care plan can be updated to reflect these changes. If, at some point, no family members are available, Delaware CarePlan ensures your loved one’s supplemental needs are met.

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